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A morning walk


Since I don't have morning classes any more, I went for a work in the morning yesterday. (Instead, it rained heavily today though...)
by sib22 | 2006-01-31 22:08 | Vancouver
Blue & Yellow

Cars that were parked beside Nelson Park near my place. I like old cars because the shapes and colours are so cute.
by sib22 | 2006-01-31 08:10 | Vancouver
Pink & Orange

本日より3Dアニメーションの学校が始まるまで、約1ヵ月週1のデッサンのクラスを除いて、完全閑人となりました。3Dアニメーションのコースが始まると1年間ノンストップで猛烈に忙しくなることが予想されるので、その前に鋭気を養う充電期間にしようかなと・・・。日々心の赴くままに絵を描いたり、写真を撮ったり、本を読んだりしながら有意義に過ごせればなと思ってます。こんなにのんきでみなさん申し訳ないm(_ _)m

From today, I'm completely a person of leisure except a drawing class once a week until 3D animation school starts. No dout that I'll be very busy for an entire year after the school starts, so I decided to spent this one month restoring my enegy... I hope that I can make good use of my spare time such as drawing, taking photos, and reading as following my mood each day...
by sib22 | 2006-01-30 20:24 | Vancouver
Fly in the sky

by sib22 | 2006-01-29 11:23 | Vancouver
Purple Crab

e0082860_11243540.jpgジェシカ(英語学校の先生)の旦那さんはミュージシャン。昨日の夜は、レストランで演奏するというので行ってきました。ビールといい音楽、最高の組み合わせです。サックスを演奏する彼、「サックス奏者って一番セクシーだよね~。」と私が言うと、「そうなのよ~!」とジェシカ。ジェシカが初めて彼に会ったときに、恋に落ちてしまったのかがわかりました! 旦那さんが演奏している姿を見つめる彼女の目には、十数年たっても変わらずラブラブ光線が。それがとても微笑ましかったです。(羨ましかったともいう;ははっ。)

My ESL teacher, Jessica's husband is a musician. I went to see his play at a restaurant at night. The combination of beer and good music was the best one for me:-) I said to Jessica, "I think A saxophone player is the sexiest! while he was playing saxophone. And she replied, " I believe that's true!". I understand why she fell in love with him at the first sight... She still has been staring at her husband's playing with loving eyes for over 10 years since their first meeting. It was a heartwarming scene...(and envious;-P)
by sib22 | 2006-01-29 11:17 | Vancouver
SHIBUI colours


One of "SHIBUI!" meanings is "Cool!" if you put it in English, but SHIBUI has deeper shades of meaning. It might be translated into " not exravagant yet profound beauty and coolness"...? Umm, that's a really hard attempt for me...

Well, don't you think the colours of those skies are really SHIBUI???
by sib22 | 2006-01-28 13:48 | Vancouver
Teachers at Moon Shine


Since it was the last day of the semester yesterday, we had a party at a pub across our school that the owner used to be an ESL teacher and also that had a comfy vibe. We enjoyed having various beers all over the world and good music there. Teachers at LRS have their own taste and world. They are so cool. Especially, I respect Kevin who is a talented writer, actor, and illustrator! (We had a good conversation about Thailand:-))
by sib22 | 2006-01-28 04:10 | Schools
A couple and man

A couple

by sib22 | 2006-01-27 14:55 | Vancouver
Drawing is fun!

I have a basic drawing class every Wednesday nights at the same school that I'll learn 3D animation next month. Today was week three. I'm looking forward to how much I can improve my drawing skill in this 3 months... I'm still a beginner, but I'd like to record my first two drawings here...

by sib22 | 2006-01-26 00:24 | Schools
★Happy birthday, Jessica★

Since today was Jessica's birthday, we celebrated it with a cake, balloons, and cards.
Her resolutions this year are:
1)to use less plastics
2)to age gracefully
She said, "Don't have to be scared of aging at all. I believe that the more I age, the more sophisticated and deeper I am like a fine wine that gets better with age." I like her way of life very much. And she is getting more charming with age as she said:-)

Pic←Jessica&Kevin who are great teachers at LRS. He was imitating Yoda...
Pic→My handmade birthday card to Jessica

by sib22 | 2006-01-25 23:59 | Schools