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Rochester Hills ロッチェスター・ヒルズ

It'd nice to spend peaceful time on the porch having a tea or coffee with someone on holidays.


初めてお会いする「Guess What?」のMakikiさんにはお忙しいところ大変お世話になりました。ドキドキハプニングもあって楽しかったです!

I visited Makiki from "Guess What?" in Rochester Hills, where is away from Ann Arbor for one hour by car, at the end of my trip to Michigan to hand her my 3 pcs of artwork. I had a really good time with her even though we had a thrilling happening:-D. Thank you so much, Makiki-san!
My artwork is planned to put on the wall of her daughter's room. I'm happy that Crystal-chan will grow up with them. It was the meeting beginning from this blog...I must appriciate this relationship.

初オーダー作品☆My first ordered work


ロッチェスターのかわいいポストたち。Sweet posts around her house.

by sib22 | 2006-08-23 14:49 | Michigan
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