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A perfect day in Whistler

One of my friends asked me unexpectedly, "Why don't you go skiing or snowboarding in Whistler tomorrow?" on Friday. Although I hadn't felt like skiing this winter, I don't know why, but I thought I had to take this chance! So I got up early and enjoyed skiing a whole day. (Whistler takes 2 hours by bus from Vancouver.) Although I haven't skied for 10 years, I could barely slid down from the top. However my muscle of the entire body is still screaming...

Panoramic breathtaking across-the-vellay view


Almost on the top, lying down on the snow, I felt how quiet and calm it was here. I was in a completely silence world. Only things I had were the sky, mountains, and snow there. I felt how happy I was that I could come there and feel connected to the earth heartily. That was a morment that we had never experienced on the ground...


After skiing, my friend and I joined Jessica and her husdand at the Irish pub in Village and we toasted to our wonderful day with beers and nachos together!

by sib22 | 2006-02-12 10:48 | Vancouver
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