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e0082860_175143.gif先日、3D Animationの学校の入学許可がやっとおりました。履歴書、ポートフォーリオ(過去に自分が作った作品数点)、志願動機と一番心配だった英語の面接も無事にパス。とりあえず、当初の目的の学校の入学に近づいてホッとしてます。



Finally I received the letter of acceptance from the media arts school I'll learn 3D animation. I handed out my resume, a letter of intent, and several portfolios I've ever designed or drown before. Fortunately I could pass the interview in English with the manager which I had been concerned about the most!!! For now, I really felt relieved to get close to my original aim.

e0082860_1755372.gifThe school will start at the end of February and I'll learn how to draw and sketch, how to make 2D animation, and how to create 3D animation for one year. This school is not large, but has homey atmosphere.I'll try to keep it up there...

I introduce some of my artworks here.These artworks which taught me pleasure to design something for someone for the first time would be one of priceless treasures in my life. They were designed for my best friend who've opened a bar in Pattya, Thailand, though...

Website: The Media Arts School of Vancouver
by sib22 | 2005-12-28 00:08 | Works(作品)
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